Welcome on my website, my name is Raymond Piket.

I am 51 years old and single at this moment.

I was born in Leiden The netherlands, and I still live here.

Leiden, the city of Rembrandt and 45 minutes away from Amsterdam.

I like taking long walks in the morning.

I went painting as a form of therapy, a bit of a long story ha ha. It was a succes because I felt progress.

After a year on the Royal Art Academy in The Hague, there was now way back.

Now it is not only painting but much more, like photography, (linux) computers and software.

I learnt one lesson, that everything must stay pleasant.

My painting are very modern with acrylic as underground.

My paintings are not very expensive but pretty busy.

By pushing on the buttons below you will come on my painting pages.

If you have any questions you can go to the contact page at the end of this site.


Raymond Piket

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